Creating the Magic

storytelling from within

When Brandon creates, it starts from within. This has been the case since his first short story about a farmer losing all of his animals in Ms. Moody’s 1st grade class. He told love stories expressed through poetry. He created skits to promote events and songs to enjoy in the car. The more life God breathes into Brandon, the more stories are created. And the more stories he gets to tell. Take a look and listen.



Pandemic creation


Episodic in the Works

Episode: Escape Artist

Show: A Man and His Dog…or Vice Versa

Brandon was tired of waiting on productions to start back up during the pandemic, so he began shooting with the camera on his phone. He couldn’t call actor friends to help so he needed a story that didn’t involve outsiders. BDG had a blast training Kindle for this concept. 4 episodes have been written. 3 produced. 1 is worth sharing. Enjoy.



First written scene for public viewing

Showcase Scene

Episode: Low Way Robbery

Show: Implants

This scene was performed by Gabriel Pena and Brandon Dion Gregory. Brandon also created it with the help of Gab’s brilliance. Watch them as they entertain an audience full of NYC Casting Directors, Talent Agents and Managers during the 2017 Pennsylvania State University MFA Actor’s Showcase at the Signature Theatre in New York City.



Virtual workshop of a spin-off


Episodic in the Works (Virtual Workshop)

Episode: Homecoming (Act 1)

Show: iLoveNY

This show, currently being developed, features two characters from Implants (See above) and adds in more characters along with Brandon’s grad school experience. He has written a few episodes and was privileged to workshop a scene from the season 1 finale that including actors that some of the story was based on. This scene was commissioned and selected to be featured in a performance arts festival at Syracuse University called PICS in 2022. The actual script was edited to fit a list of requirements set by the aforementioned festival. 



fun on the microphone


Verse and Hook, Writer/Performer

Song: Let it Go (Single)

This clip is from a song Brandon wrote while playing around. It was also his first time getting a track produced specifically for his vision. Take a listen.



First aired commercial 


Television Commercial, Writer/Producer

Company: Bike Baby, LLC.

Bike Baby, LLC of Newberry, South Carolina was awarded an advertising grant for qualifying as a minority-owned business. They would receive 3 months of free air time on select networks within the state including ABC, CBS, CNN and the Travel Channel. All Bike Baby needed was content to send the broadcasting company. Brandon was hired and got to work. He sat down with the small business owner to get a feel for her vision and what she wanted her audience to know and feel. With limited resources and limitless creativity, Brandon made it happen. Check it out.



first music video


Music Video, Director/Producer

Song: Money On My Mind

Artist: J.O. feat. Luney Tunez

Because of Brandon’s tenacious and creative spirit, a friend asked him to bring some direction to a project that was already in production. Brandon said yes, though he had never created a music video before. The artist had a song, but no vision for the video. Brandon wrote a treatment, pitched it to the artist and his team and they loved it. Take a watch and see if you can see the story he envisioned.



Brandon is developing varying stories on a multitude of mediums. He has started a production company in Atlanta, GA so that he can always be creating. Brandon’s ideas come from within and have proven limitless so far. He is more than willing to share ideas if the vibe is right. If you want to connect, you know where to reach him.