A life of service

Donating resources like time, energy, and Money.

Brandon’s personal mission is to help others live an overall healthier lifestyle packed with love and confidence and develop the ability to overcome fear.

BDG uses his artistic background to connect to people the way he does characters and stories. Brandon digs deep for the courage to listen and genuinely empathize with any given circumstance. Then he matches any of his knowledge and experience to their needs.



Brandon signs an autograph for an aspiring actor after a show at Baltimore Center Stage.

I always meet kids on their level. They must feel that I see them as they stand tall as their full selves. It matters.


Go Crazy


At Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School in Baltimore, MD, Brandon spoke to a group of young men about their futures.

We took two pictures before this one and everyone was acting too cool for school. So I asked everyone to ‘Go Crazy!’ for the last photo. They finally started coming out of their shells. Balls went flying in the air, peace signs got thrown up along with ear to ear grins, and I for sure had to lead by example. I picked up the ‘coolest’ kid and threw him over my shoulder. He dropped his notebook and finally gave in to the fun.


BOOkbag giveaway

Brandon collaborates with Dekalb Police Department to pack 30 bookbags full of school supplies for the elementary school with the highest homeless child rate in the county. 

I’ve always had a hate hate relationship with law enforcement. And a deep desire to inspire change. So it was the perfect opportunity to help kids with their essentials for the school year while trying to change the narrative around policing. The hope was that these at-risk kids wouldn’t have to add negative images of these public servants standing behind them to their lives.


Brandon’s dedication to service begins with God and the divine plan already set for him.


The Plan has asked Brandon to serve the those in need which include but is not limited to; family, friends, children, artists, and the hungry, struggling, and troubled.


To serve them, he uses his hands, resources and any connections available.


By any means necessary.

mr. greek Atl


Brandon claims the title of Mr. Greek Atlanta, representing the greatest service fraternity in the world, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. 


Along with my dedicated 500 hours of community service to my community of Atlanta, I competed against other frat reps from the NPHC. I wrote and performed slam poetry, hopped in a step show, and engaged in critical examination from a board of local leaders. It was tough but I knew I would win. All I had to do was tap into my God-given abilities. And I did.


Post Show Talkback


Brandon and castmate have passionate and honest conversation with hundreds of middle schoolers in Syracuse, NY after a heartfelt performance of ‘Thoughts of a Colored Man’ by Keenan Scott II.  

I remember one kid, all the way in the back, asked ‘why is it okay for y’all to curse on stage while we get in trouble for the same language.’ The other kids laughed and agreed while the cast was quiet, trying to think of an appropriate answer. I grabbed the mic and told him that I didn’t care if he cursed or not. The kids couldn’t believe it. I finished with ‘I care more about you understanding every word you use and most importantly when it is appropriate to use them.’ That came from my heart.


paint in the park


Brandon calls the kids to gather around for a photo in front of the centerpiece rock in the West End of Newberry, SC.

The people I met in Newberry were always finding ways to give back. Paint in the Park was a huge collaboration between the city, business owners and artists alike. The idea was to make a way for the kids to contribute their creative ideas to the decoration of this park. Maybe they would get out and play there more if they felt a sense of ownership. We painted the basketball courts and backboards, bridge handrails, and our own rocks that would be spread throughout the park.






Brandon knows that God put us here to serve. And because humans are of course limited but are constantly refining, he too continues to find new ways to serve.





Katrina Clean Up


Brandon and a group of caring young leaders travel to New Orleans, Louisiana to offer aid to the countless victims of Hurricane Katrina.

It was like a third world country. We slept on cots in a church where they housed other misplaced families. I remember having to sign a release of liability waiver due to the increase of violence and crime in the city since the disaster. I was definitely scared but my desire to help was stronger. Before we left, we joined a march that demanded more help from the federal government.


FUn in the sun


Brandon sits alongside kids from an Atlanta Public Elementary School who he took on a field trip to his college, Georgia State University.

They had never been on a college campus before and I wanted to start exposing them early. The Student Government Association hasted a mid-day party and were playing music in the outdoor court yard. Everyone was having a great time. Probably me more than them.





Lion’s Roar


Brandon and mentees show you what a real lion looks like on a Saturday morning trip to Zoo Atlanta.

Yes we were great lions that day. But mainly because we got to see them live and in action.

Access to caged animals is something I have lost desire to experience, but the commitment to uncaging a kid’s confidence is even stronger. I am lifting as I climb.




Organizations through which Brandon serves


Alzheimer’s Association – SC.

Rotary Club – Newberry, SC.

Habitat for Humanity – Atlanta, GA.

All Stars Project – NYC, NY.

Big Brothers Big Sisters – Atl, GA.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated – Zeta Theta Chapter.

Living Hope Foundation – Newberry, SC.

After School Classe – Hill-Hope Elementary – Atl, GA.

Dunaire Elementary – Stone Mountain, GA.

Paul Lawrence Dunbar School – Baltimore, MD.

Happy Period – Los Angeles, CA.

Georgia State University – Atl, GA.

ReSpirited Ranch – Newberry, SC.

Spiritual Tiik Retreats – Cumbria, England.




If you are interested in serving, let’s connect.