Education, Training & Workshops

Andrea Syglowski via Zoom (’21)                               Theatre Acting                  Andrea Syglowski                             

Ted Sluberski Studios in NYC (’19)                            Audition Prep                    Ted Sluberski

The Pennsylvania State University (’15 – ’17)          MFA, ACTING                    Steve H. Broadnax III, Richard Robichaux, Susan Russell, Kristi Dana,                                                                                                                                 Julie Foh, Holly Thuma, Andrew Belser, Steve Snyder, Bill Doan,                                                                                                                                             Kikora Franklin

                                                                                          On-Camera/Audition       Maria Hubbard

                                                                                          New Work                          Hansol Jung

                                                                                          Performance                      Tim Miller

Atlantic Theater Company, NY (’17)                          Scene Study                        Neil Pepe

Royal National Theatre, London (’16)                       Voice & Speech                  Charmaine Hoare

Whole World Theatre, ATL (’14 – ’15)                       Improvisation                   Eric Goins

MHC Studio, ATL (’12 – ’15)                                         On-Camera/Audition       Michael H. Cole

Creative Studios of Atlanta (’11)                                On-Camera / Meisner      Vince Pisani

Actor’s Breakthrough!, ATL (’11)                               On-Camera                         Greg Alan Williams

The Georgia State University (’05 – ’10)                    BS, Biz Management         Robinson College of Business


South-African (Xhosa), American Southern (Tennessee, Mississippi, Stone Mountain), British (RP, MLE).

Special Skills

Ballet, Basketball, Cycling, Diving, Football, Hand Stands, Improvisation, Mixed Martial Arts, Modeling, Producing, Singing (Bass/Baritone/Tenor) Skating (In-line & Quad), Staged Combat, Stepping/Hopping, Spoken Word, Swimming, Teleprompter, Tennis, Track and Field, Trombone, Voice Over, West-African Dance, Writing.